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Message from Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt

Due to an increase in requests for my 1985 booklet Back to Basics

Reform Or...OBE *Skinnerian International Curriculum? (48 pages),

which is now out-of-print, the author has decided to make the booklet

available free on this website. This will enable the reader to

understand how the long-planned controversial restructuring of

education from academics to workforce training, necessary for the

planned global economy and United States participation in a socialist

world government, was finalized between 1980 and the present time, and

to take action to put a stop to education restructuring.

Although the 150-year history of this unconstitutional agenda is

documented in the deliberate dumbing down of america...A Chronological

Paper Trail, 1999, Back to Basics Reform Or...... lets the reader

peek into the laboratory of the change agents at the U.S. Department of

Education in the early eighties, when and where the author worked as a

Senior Policy Advisor, with access to confidential planning. The

author was fired for leaking a very important document to the press.

However, since she knew she would get fired for doing so, she managed

to remove all the incriminating documents from her office prior to

leaking the one most important document. Much of the information

gleaned from these purloined documents is found in "Back to Basics

Reform Or...".

The period about which the author writes was the period during which

the Pavlovian/Skinnerian Outcomes Based Education was institutionalized

for all students, not just the minorities who had been victimized by

the federally-funded method since the mid-sixties. When the

Skinnerian/Pavlovian method necessary for work force training...mastery

learning/direct instruction, OBE... "worked" (dumbed down the

minorities), obviously through no fault of their own, it was decided to

use this "successful" method on all American children, which is what we

see happening today through Goals 2000, The School to Work

Opportunities Act, and most recently, The No Child Left Behind Act

which mandates the use of scientific research based reading instruction

which is based on the animal training methods of Pavlov and Skinner.

Once all teachers have been retrained in this method to teach reading,

it can be used for teaching/training in all subjects, but it is

especially well-suited for work force training and

computer-assisted-instruction. It is referred to by knowledgeable

education researchers as " Limited Learning for Lifelong Labor"!

Nationwide distribution of this little booklet could have resulted in

the abolition of the unconstitutional U.S. Department of Education,

something President Reagan had promised the American people during his

campaign for President. This would, of course, have stopped the

controversial education restructuring we see today. However, that

was not to be since the major conservative organizations in our

country, now referred to as neoconservative, successfully boycotted

the booklet, and, although 50,000 copies were sold at the grassroots

level, it is unlikely that more than a few elected officials ever had

the opportunity to read it and act upon its recommendations.

Please use the two versions of this booklet as you wish, but

especially get the booklet into the hands of your elected officials at

the local, state, and federal level. They are the ones you should

lobby for abolishing the unconstitutional Department of Education.

If we want to bring traditional academic education back to the local

level, in the hands of locally elected school boards, teachers, and

parents, and to restore education to its legitimate role in the

creation of upward mobility for our children, i.e. freedom to chose

one's occupation, the U.S. Department of Education, which is in

partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor and the United Nations,

MUST be abolished. Abolishing the Department of Education would also

deal an almost lethal blow to the change agents' plans to put us under

the United Nations global economic system. The rats would have to

jump off their sinking ship!

There can be no better time than right now to contact your elected

officials since all Americans, including public school teachers,

administrators, state Governors, school board members, parents,

Congressmen and Senators, etc. are up in arms over the Leave No Child

Behind Act which mandates national testing which obviously calls for a

national curriculum geared only to training our children as human

resources for the global economy!

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